5 Most Beautiful Mountains in Europe

Mountaineering is one of the adventure activities which demands great courage and willpower apart from the physical and medical fitness of a mountaineer. Since the times immemorial mountaineering has been a passion for human being of scaling the unexplored heights of the various mountains worldwide. The following are 5 Most Beautiful Mountains in Europe:


1. Mont Blanc. Located at the border of Italy and France the mountain has a height of 15,780 ft. You can use many routes to ascend from each country. There are simpler routes you can take from any country, and you will require around two days to reach the top of the mount. Once you reach the peak, you can get inspired in so many things even in simple bridal shower color schemes or in doing better at work. So many things can come to mind because of its majestic beauty. 


2. Mount Elbrus. The mountain is located in Russia with a height of 18,510 feet. It’s best to climb the mountain during the summer because the mountain has unpredictable weather. You will need around two days to reach the top of the mountain.


3. Alps Mountain Range. The Alps is one of the highest mountain ranges of Europe. It spreads from Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, and France. It attracts many mountaineers and winter sports lovers from all over the world every year. For the first time, this mountain range was climbed somewhere between 1740 – 1799 AD.


4. Tuscany. Tuscany located in Italy is probably the most beautiful place to enjoy the country life holidays. It is a place which can give you the fell of standing below the renaissance palaces. While visiting Tuscany, no one can miss a chance of having an Agritourism experience there. It has a legal meaning in Tuscany, and many farm owners and villa owners offer accommodation to the tourists visiting Tuscany in return for some prize.


5. Douro Valley. The valley is located in Portugal Northern Spain. The river valley has dramatic locks limit big ships from passing through hence keeping the valley a nice and quiet place to be.